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Since our inception in May of 2013, SIAB has grown to become an impactful 501(c)(3) organization.  Collectively, this group of selfless individuals has raised over $1,200,000 for more than 100 charities in our mission core areas of education, family and child services, healthcare/mental health, veteran services, and heritage/culture.  Our reach is growing, and we invite you to become a part of the movement to touch countless more lives with our increased charity and fellowship.  Make a difference this year!  Become a part of something bigger than yourself!  Become a valuable member of the Society of Italian American Businessmen! 

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SIAB Mission Statement

We are a society of ethical and moral Italian-American businessmen consisting of people who live, work, or worship in Maryland. Under our faith in God, we have come together to support 501(c)(3) charitable organizations in Maryland who have similar beliefs, and to assist in the education of students in need through scholarship support. Our organization consists of men of Italian descent, who band together to promote the Italian heritage, work to maintain a positive community image, and uphold the Italian family traditions.


While it is common for members to foster personal relationships over time within the group which may eventually lead to business opportunities or other activities, the Society of Italian American Businessmen is NOT a business networking group. As noted in the Mission Statement, the organization was established for local businessmen who maintain the means and resources to promote the Italian heritage in Maryland. We conduct fundraising activities and provide other support throughout the year to local non-profits. The Society of Italian American Businessmen is an all-volunteer organization. Members routinely volunteer their time to help local non-profits with varying needs, and to assist in efforts to raise money for charities and the Society of Italian American Businessmen’s scholarship fund. Members are therefore expected to buy and/or sell tickets to the Society of Italian American Businessmen’s events and/or raffles, assist with organizing and/or conducting such events, solicit sponsorships from local businesses, and participate in outreach initiatives including promoting the Society of Italian American Businessmen in local parades or other community events.

Prospective members must attend a least one meeting as a guest of a current member. As an active member of the Society of Italian American Businessmen, you are expected to attend general membership meetings and actively participate in one or more committees. General Membership Meetings are held typically on the second Monday of each month at a local restaurant or catering hall. Members are responsible for the cost of their dinner which is approximately $55-$70 per meeting.

Please thoroughly consider the expectations and commitments required of our members as you make your decision to apply for membership in the Society of Italian American Businessmen.

DUES: $500 per calendar year and due by the January meeting. Dues are pro-rated if the first year is a partial year.

Members must be of Italian descent. Please indicate your family lineage below.
As an active member of the Society of Italian American Businessmen, your participation is vital to the organization’s success. You are required to serve on at least one of the organization’s fundraising committees. Please indicate which committee(s) you would be willing to serve. Upon acceptance into the Society of Italian American Businessmen, the respective Committee Chair(s) will contact you to discuss the purpose of the committee and the anticipated level of commitment from the committee member.

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The Society of Italian American Businessmen is a 501c3 charitable organization. Tax ID#: 46-2965362.