Ciao to the Non-Profit Community,

As we emerged from the healthcare pandemic in 2022, SIAB’s fundraising events and activities were in full swing this past year. As a result, we have been able to budget a record-breaking amount for the non-profit community in 2023, which also happens to be the 10th Anniversary of SIAB. We desire to kick off 2023 with a Large Grant of $25,000 to be awarded at our formal Gala on March 25, 2023. In March, we will begin to solicit applications for our annual scholarship awards totaling $29,000, divided into eight (8) scholarships given out in May. In the Fall, SIAB will be hosting the three (3) day Maryland Italian Festival and will award a second Large Grant in the amount of $50,000. SIAB will also fund the “Twelve (12) Days of Christmas again in December 2023. Twelve nonprofits are selected to receive $1,000 each during the Christmas Season. While we have highlighted the large grants and scholarships, SIAB has set aside $20,000 for Small Grants and Sponsorships. These small grants and sponsorship applications cannot exceed $2,000 per request and will remain effective throughout 2023.

SIAB is proud of our accomplishments over the past nine years and, what we hope to accomplish in our tenth anniversary year, we fully recognized that without “The Friends of SIAB,” all our supporters who sponsor our events, purchase tickets to our events and send direct donations the charitable giving would not possible.

To all our patrons, humbly and gratefully,

Grazie mille,

Tony Palumbo
SIAB Charitable Giving Chairman

The Society of Italian American Businessmen (SIAB) is an association of members that promote Italian American culture and heritage. We undertake acts of charity and community service that the members deem advisable and to make donations to area 501(c)3 charities from the net proceeds through its fundraising initiatives held throughout the year. The SIAB is committed to being meaningfully involved in Maryland to impact the communities where our members may live, work, or worship. The SIAB’s charitable giving focuses on education, family and child services, mental health, addiction, and organizations that support a vibrant community. The SIAB defines the areas of focus above as charities that provide social programs, resources, and/or support to citizens in need throughout Maryland.

For an organization to be considered, it must meet the following:

  • Organizations must be a registered 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization
  • Organizations must be focused on one or more of the following areas: education, youth, social issues, community need, cultural awareness, health care, emergency/disaster relief

How to Apply
Throughout the year, the SIAB will announce the availability of Grant, Scholarship and Sponsorship opportunities for eligible organizations. The Grants and Scholarships will be announced specifically as to their amount and purpose, and only applications for those exact amounts and purpose will be accepted. The availability of these grants and scholarships will be posted on the SIAB’s web site.

Sponsorships and small grants for urgent needs are offered on an ongoing basis, subject to availability and SIAB approval.  The applicant must state a specific amount and purpose for the request (for example, “$500 for Gold Star Patron at a gala”, “$800 to fix the roof at the shelter”).  A general request for an unspecified donation will not be considered. These donations may not exceed $2,000.

Applicants interested in academic Scholarships are invited to visit the Scholarship section of SIAB’s website.  Applicants interested in a Grant or Sponsorship/Small gift must apply with the Request Form also found on the SIAB website.  The form may be submitted electronically or by mailing the completed form to the SIAB post office box.

Applications are initially reviewed for their eligibility, and appropriate requests will be further considered during SIAB’s normal business proceedings. 

Any donation made by SIAB may not be made on behalf of an individual to help fulfill a personal pledge or fundraising goal. All donations are paid directly to the charitable organization.